Ken Goldstein's Life Since I Quit Blogging

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Hmmm…I guess I’ve been doing some stuff.

The big thing, as I alluded to yesterday, was my move to New York City. Manhattan, even. I’m smack-dab in the heart of the Village, on Thompson Street, on the block with all the chess parlors. I’ve basically wanted to live here my entire life, and thanks to a bit of Craigslist luck and a good roommate, I’m here. Slowly going broke, but here. Unfortunately, I can’t sample the tons of cool-looking restaurants in my area since I’ve been on a fairly strict diet since October. Hopefully, someday soon, I can.

I’m still doing the improv thing, currently taking my final class at UCB, and continuing with my group, Fickle. In fact, Fickle’s monthly show is fast approaching. This upcoming Friday at 9 we’ll be appearing as part of a three-group extravaganza at the Access Theater. It’s $10, but that includes beer. I’ve also been trying stand-up, though that’s still in the open mic phase. It’s a lot of fun, but already kinda frustrating. I should be trying to take some sort of next step with that, however one does that.

I’m still gambling, though the continuing poker-room crackdowns in NYC have made that difficult. I don’t head down to Atlantic City as much as I’d like, though I did manage a 6th place cash in a tournament at the Taj when I was down there over Christmas. I was in Vegas twice recently (including a day when it hit a record high of 122) and am heading out there for 48 whirlwind hours at the end of the month. Somehow I’m hoping to play in the World Series of Poker this year, though that’s gonna take some satellite luck considering that the entry fee is more than I currently have in the world.

Oh, and my sister was laid off from her job with the International Federation of Competitive Eating, so I’m no longer proud of her.

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So nice to hear from you again. I wish you were still blogging.

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