Interior Designers Needed


I gotta say that hospital interior design is staggeringly

  1. boring
  2. depressing
  3. did I mention boring?


I have a suspicion that the oppressiveness of our hospitals quietly undermines a lot of the healing work that happens there. Hospitals are universally dreaded, so most who find themselves in one are stressed out with fear. Then, the sheer inhumanity of the typical hospital environment drains the will to live. None of this promotes healing. For a different (at least notably different) approach, check out the derelict hospital complex on Ellis Island.

...and you would be a) unavailable on AIM for the duration of the largest snowstorm in NYC history and b) at a hospital during same... why?

Well, in my thankfully brief experience with hospitals as a patient, I was so out of it that the oppressive, depressing interior design didn't really register all that much. On the other hand, for longer-stay patients who are more lucid than I was last year, I could definately see that being an issue...

Well I suppose, it all depends what sort of patients does they hospitals handle/care with.

Have you seen the new children hospital in Lambeth,UK.
I find the design rather cool and enchanting to children.

Type: N/A
Status: Completed
Size SQM: 16,500
Architect(s): Hopkins Architects

Client(s): Guys and St Thomas’ Hospital NHS Trust

Borough: Lambeth

It actually caters specially for children and provide the sense and atmosphere that children will not fear and enjoy themselves.

Best Regards,
Jensen Js
Interior architect.

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