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Half-King offers a vat of somewhat elaborated mac-n-cheese that I can strongly recommend. I figure one serving is probably enough to guarantee heart disease within 24 hours or so, but it's mighty tasty. The cooks cheekily throw on a few broccoli florets as a garnish (guilt-assuagement).

Empire Diner also does a decent version, though theirs is made with white sauce and not just cheese draped all over...

Lauren and I were salivating over that picture last night. I'm thinking mac and cheese may be in my very near future.

DuMont, in my neighborhood, makes deeelicious mac and cheese. And burgers. They have good burgers too. Eat em both and your heart will surely stop.

Mmmm. Thanks for the link.

I have always like the M&C over at Chat & Chew in Union Square.

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