Giant Sea Monsters!

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I have to say that this story about giant jellyfish plaguing the fisheries of the East China Sea is really cool and seems like it comes right out of a monster movie….

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Once when I was a kid, I remember being at the beach one weekend (this facing the South China Sea, not the Sea of Japan) when all these moon jellyfish came in.

There were hundreds of them, and they kept coming in waves. But people kinda didn't take them seriously, e.g. picking them up and playing with them (tossing them at each other). Then one lady brought out a couple of empty cooking oil cans and had everyone put in whatever jellyfish they caught till they were all gone.

It was a total massacre for the jellyfish, like Normandy or something. Interesting to see that they've learned their lesson, got way pumped up and are now running what amounts to a U-Boat campaign against us humans and cutting off our food supplies.

Go jellyfish.

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