2005 Through The Mirror

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A look back at the past year, as told by the first sentence of the first entry of every month:

January: Surgery blogging is the new black, don’tcha know? (Or The New Brown. Or The New Gray. Or The New SOMETHING.)

February: Craigslist on the differences between the sexes: (Craigslist Knows All)

March: This past summer, it seem’d to me that the Hong Kong tabloids (Apple Daily in particular, but that should come as no surprise) papers would compete to publish the least flattering picture possible of Tung Chee-hwa, Hong Kong’s Chief Executive. (Tung Out!)

April: Most popular names for popes, all-time: (Name That Pope)

May: How’d you like to have lunch with Paul Simon and Chevy Chase? (Illiquid Lunch)

June: Anyone want a postcard from the scenic bay state? (Leafy Cambridge)

July: You know, with all the hoopla about Live 8 going around, I gotta say that I haven’t seen a whole lotta people asking actual Africans what they think of the whole thing. (Live Ate)

August: Time to go back into the WayBack Machine, back to the late 1990s, when the new sound they called trip-hop was the now sound… (Last In A Series (for now))

September: It’s been a while since I did a roundup on this website. (Hoedown!)

October: Ever have one of those days where things are just a little bit off? (You Are Stepping Into An Alternate Dimension…)

November: The NYT on the evolving role of chicken in the American kitchen (hint: it has something to do with the evolving American kitchen, too). (It Tastes Like…)

December: As it turns out, the official Dad of pf.org is featured on today’s Rocketboom. (Hey, That Guy Looks Really Familiar)

Have a happy new year everyone, and here’s to hoping that your hangover won’t be too bad…

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