You Are Stepping Into An Alternate Dimension...


Ever have one of those days where things are just a little bit off? Nothing disastrous, but like you’re running late and you get to the subway and your monthly metrocard has expired? And then the rest of the day is slightly off kilter, like going to the gym and discovering halfway there that while you have your iPod, your headphones are sitting on the dresser at home? Or like once you’ve gotten to the gym, after having gone home to get the headphones, you realize that you left your water bottle—which you originally left the house with the first time—is sitting on the dresser at home? Or when you’re out at an event and a friend tries to set you up with a girl and two-and-a-half minutes later she’s completely bailed, leaving you holding her $11 gin-and-tonic?

Yeah, my day went a little bit like that. Plus I seem to have entered into a semi-faustian bargain to root for the St. Louis Cardinals for the duration of the NL playoffs.


poor baby, too bad about the date & bad day.

my sympathies....


Paul, IOY.
That was a bad idea, and I have no excuse aside from having too much too drink and nothing to eat beforehand.

Never again.

It wasn't a date, per se, just a set-up. And I wouldn't call it a bad day, just a weird one.

If the bargain is semi-Faustian, does that make me semi-Satan?

Go Cards!

Technically, I was holding the $11 g-n-t.

N: Well, that depends on what kind of valuable consideration is offered...

K: Technically, you were drinking the $11 g-n-t.

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