When a young woman says “You’re like a brother to me!”, what possible response can there be?

“Thanks, but I have enough siblings already?”
“That’s nice, but you’re not like a sister to me?”
“The line for surrogate siblingship starts over there?”

I should already know the answer to this question… but it’s possible that this one is one of those unanswerable koans.


You can translate that as "you're not getting any, so forget it." It really doesn't require a response.

Well, the first part is a given. Perhaps even a truism.

Apparently, a whole movie starring a bunch of people I've never heard of but who are, it seems, quite popular, has been made with this statement being the theme. It was a preview at the movie I saw today. I'm sure it will suck, in a completely different way than your situation.

My advice (worth very little) - date older women. A bit less shallow and usually happy to get laid in this big city full of bimbettes.

Bunty, what if the next thing Paul hears will be "You're like a son to me"?

PS. Paul, very sorry about your foot. And the shirts. And the conference. And the rain. Uh, you didn't say anything about the rain - but I do.

And this, too, will pass.

I've always thought that Paul Simon said it well:

You don’t feel you could love me But I feel you could

The only acceptable response is "You are like a sister to me too!" with much enthusiasm and genuine excitement that GOSH! we're all on the same wavelength here!

Anything else, and the creepy uneasiness sets in... Trust me. TRUST ME TRUST ME TRUST ME.

Oh, and to respond to Bunty, you should know that refusing to sleep with you doesn't mean we are a bimbette. It obviously just means we have taste (it's the old adage, isn't it? If we give it up we're a slut, if we don't we're a bitch... oh well.)

Oh, and in passing, because for the first time in my life I get to do some name dropping, I know the guy who directed that movie :) Not that that says anything about the cinematic experience in question.

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