Back In The Saddle, So To Speak


Made it back into the kitchen tonight to make dinner for the rents. Ribeye steak, green beans, broccoli with bacon, tortellini sides, and a salad. My knives were kinda dull, but given how long it’s been since I’ve cooked, that’s not entirely surprising. I woulda taken pictures but when you have three burners going, photography isn’t always the first thing on your mind. It came out pretty well, though I cut some corners experimented with the broccoli and that came out on the smushy side.

It was nice to get back in the kitchen and do some cooking.


I made a batch of scratch pasta dough tonight, Matt came over with some squash he'd cooked up and some gouda, and we made ravioli. Mildly labor intensive, but quite pleasing. Sage butter topping. Not a healthy meal, but we didn't wind up at one of those neighborhood restaurants we're so sick of.

Sounds delish. Now I'm hungry.

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