Baby, It's Chili Outside


So, here’s a question that arose as I was making today’s chili—what wouldn’t go into chili? Martin and I came up with pomegranates and citrus fruits and, well, not much else. Anyone have any ideas?

UPDATE: Bracy posits limes as an exception to the citrus fruit rule cited supra. I’d think that while lime juice would be perfectly acceptable, the pith of the lime would be problematic. What sayeth you?


Well, once (by mistake, of course) I added bug-infested chili powder to a bubbling pot that I was preparing for dinner guests. My friend said "Just keep stirring. No one will know." And they didn't.

Still, I would not suggest adding buggish ingredients again.

On the other hand, if you absolutely, positively must dispose of some bugs through culinary means, there isn't a much better option than burying them in a spicy chili. Plus, you know the chili is done cooking when there's nothing identifiable left.

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