A Few Halloween Notes (Or, I Should Be Doing Tomorrow's Reading But I'm Writing This Instead)

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A few things:

  • The holiday seems to be driving a lot of traffic to this old post about cheap halloween costumes. There are some good tips in there, so if you’re still hunting for that perfect, cheap costume….
  • One of the occupational hazards about living in New York is that you’re never sure if someone’s dressed like that because it’s Halloween… or if they really are a ‘intimate services provider.’
  • And finally, this is the iconic music for Halloween (link expired). This particular performance of the d-minor Toccata & Fugue is a little ideosyncratic, but that’s because it was recorded in a cathederal in Freiberg that has four different organs. E. Powers Biggs bounces the various themes and counter-melodies around the church like a tennis ball. It’s a neat listen (and the SACD surround-sound version—it was originally recorded for quadrophonic sound, apparently—is supposed to be even more spectacular) and it’s even better if listened to at the appropriate volume for listening to organ music (i.e. loud enough that one feels one’s internal organs vibrating—listening to an organ recital is isn’t just about listening, it’s a whole-body experience).

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I got the shirt last night! Way cool! Thanks!

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