Vote Or Die


Remember, today is Primary Day (if you live in New York and are a registered Democrat).

My votes endorsements:

  • Mayor: Anthony Wiener. Not that this really matters, since Bloomberg’s gonna wipe the floor with whomever the Dems field for the November race.
  • Public Advocate: Andrew Rasiej. He’s the choice of the cyber-saavy. The current incumbent has been pretty much invisible since getting elected four years ago.
  • Manhattan Borough President: Brian Ellner. Admittedly, Scott Stringer will probably win in a landslide, but ya gotta like a gay politician who uses that as a campaigning point.
  • District Attorney: Leslie Crocker Snyder. Interestingly enough, the NYC Campaign Finance Board Voter’s Guide has no information on this race.


I agree with you on Anthony Weiner (and yes, I voted). But do you really think Bloomberg is gonna wipe up? I know a lot of people who are disastified with him.

I endorsed civil rights attorney Norm Siegel for Public Advocate. I know that Rasiej is the choice of the cyber saavy, but the Public Advocate's office is not just about consolidating all public advocacy organizations into one easy to access portal. I think a better proposition is for the Public Advocate to hire Rasiej to do all the things he proposed in his platform. If only we had a Public Advocate. Betsy who?

I also endorsed Snyder though I was out of the voting district on that one. Morganthau (Sp?) just needs to retire already.

Yeah, Bloomie's gonna clean up. The basic problem is that for incumbents, elections are essentially referendums on how they've done over the past x years, and, while I've got some major bones to pick with Mayor Mike, the truth is that over the past 4 years, he's done a pretty good job.

I'm not going to vote for him, of course, but...

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