World Blog Day (or, Tag, You're It)


So I’ve been tagged by Haitham to do BlogDay 2005.

What is it? Well, most of the world writes dates day/month, rather than the way it’s done in the US with month/day; an enterprising Israeli blogger noticed that 31/08—August 31— kinda looks like the word ‘blog’ if you squint a bit. So the idea is that on August 31, bloggers will recommend five blogs from outside their normal sphere to read—or, as the founder puts it, “blogs different from their own culture, point of view and attitude.” It’s a worthy idea, entirely compatible with the goals of Global Voices.

I’m tapping Lia, Anne, Searchie, my brother, Mdm. Crumpet and Whybark to carry this onwards.

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Will do, too ...

But I may be a day late. I have some dragons to slay (and some champagne to quaff).

I guess this means I'm really a blogger and not just a maladjusted middle-of-the-night diarist, eh?

Happy Blog Day :-)

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