Just Put In Some New Carpet


If things look a little bit wonky, you might want to hit ‘reload’ and/or clear your cache a few times.

I’d like to thank Martin Doudoroff and Lia Bulaong for being test victims and providing useful feedback during the development and design phase.

Some brief notes on the the whole very rapid processes:

  1. MT 3.2 is noticably faster than 3.1x (and much much much faster than the beta versions of 3.2). Plus, the ‘save & rebuild’ template option makes making changes a much faster and simpler process.
  2. The site was pretty much 100% designed and built for Safari. Fortunately, it also looks almost exactly the same in Firefox, and virtually mostly the same in IE 6. Having said that, if you’re on Windows, go get Firefox. It’s a far better browser than IE, it’s faster, more standards-compliant, and is so much more secure. Plus it’s very extensible.
  3. This is not a fixed-and-done revision—I expect to make many more minor changes over the next few weeks as I figure out what’s not-broken-but-could-be-better and so on (and, if you see anything that is actually b0rked, please lemme know).
  4. One of the reasons why development was so fast was because, with the exception of the link colors, the only colors I had to deal with in designing the site were white (#FFFFFF) and black (#000000). This is part of the less-is-more wave that’s sweeping the web.
  5. I did think about putting a nav bar at the top of the screen, ala Kottke or Jay Allen but decided against it for two reasons: 1) it’d basically require that I drop my ‘no labels’ design philosophy (or, as Martin calls it, ‘ugly and context-free’) and 2) it’d be a lot of work to do. I leave it as an exercise for the readers to determine what was the more important factor.
  6. Yes, the banners are all new.


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