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The thing that I’m wondering—now that it seems pretty clear that both Yahoo! and Google are busy building internet-based application platforms, otherwise known as operating systems—is does this mean that the legendary thin client is, at long last, in sight?

(thanks to esinclair for the heads-up)


So are you on the service? If you don't have my address, well, I typed it into the comment info. :)

I think the legendary thin client is not only in sight but I think for all intents and purposes it's here. Look at something like Google Maps - it's better than a lot of desktop mapping apps, in terms of its interface and responsiveness. They haven't tied it all together into an OS, but I don't think that's necessary. They've already proven that almost anything you can do in a local client you can now also do through a web page.

(I did say almost - obviously, or there'd be no Picasa, or Jabber, or whatever.)

Psst, wanna buy a cheap network appliance?

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