Calling All Foodies


So I’ve got a week left in Boston and I realize that I really haven’t exploited the restaurant resources of this town. What are the places in Boston I must hit before I exeunt to head back to school? I had dinner at Legal last night, and I’m probably going to hit Casa Romero sometime in the next few days…


Spire Restaurant, in the Nine Zero Hotel (90 Tremont). Pretty decent wine list too.

Uni (part Clio)
B&G Oyster House

Probably the Boston restaurant I ate at more times than any other is an inexpensive little Indian restaurant at Beacon & Mass Ave inauspiciously called Kebab-N-Kurry. I haven't been in Boston in nearly 10 years, so I cannot confirm that the joint lives up to my memories, but it was once consistently pleasing. It's my belief they serve the best pakoras I've ever had (best because they are more interestingly spiced than usual, and have a nice crispy outside).

Of course, I lived kitty-corner from the restaurant, so it was rather convenient.

I also highly recommend finding the Sunset Grill & Tap in Allston, availing yourself of their mind-bending selection of beer, and digging into an order of their remarkable nachos.

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