They Must Be Getting Soft


So it’s national news now when the temperature in Phoenix hits 111 F?

Please. When I was growing up in Phoenix, we didn’t think that it was hot until it got up to 110 (i.e. 109 and below was considered merely ‘warm’), and 115-degree days were not uncommon. The hottest I ever remember it getting was 118, though one year when I spent the summer in Tucson, Phoenix hit 122 on the 4th of July (they had to close the airport since, apparently, the FAA doesn’t certify commercial airliners to fly in temperatures above 120…).

The secret to staying comfortable in that kind of weather is simple: dress sensibly (i.e. shorts and t-shirts), stay hydrated, and stay out of the sun.


I was there. That 122d day. It. Sucked.


Hot is hot. And every degree hotter is NOTICEABLE.


Not that bad that day , I drove my air conditioned truck to my air conditioned job , sold air conditioning parts to fix other air conditioners , then drove my air conditioned truck to my air conditioned home !!

And remember back in the early 90's when it hit 122 , I was actually outside skating . Next to a spot with a water fountain .

Now back where I was born in Michigan , anything over 90 degrees with humidity was real hot .

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