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Just installed MT-Blacklist. I don’t mind so much getting 40 or 50 spam comments or trackbacks a day—that’s easy to delete. What’s really annoying is having them trickle in over the course of a day. Let’s see how well this works…


Let us know. I had to turn off my comments 3 weeks ago.

If that doesn't work, my friend (and blog host) installed the MT-close plugin ( It closes comments on posts older than a point that you can specify. I found most of the crap comments I got were on REALLY old posts. I haven't had a single bit of spam since then.

Doesn't it just piss you off? Marketing phone calls, junk emails, and now spam comments! Can't we just communicate with the people we want to? What is this world of constant harrassment?? Death penalty, I say.

Most of my comment spam does tend to be on old posts. Comments are held in check so they're not actually posted, but the trackback spam does get posted. But MT-Blacklist seems to do the trick.

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