Design Me, Baby


What color should the gray bar that separates the sidebar from the main content be?

(“What gray bar? I only see two thin black lines, as always!” you say in puzzlement. I say: “hit the reload button a few times. Then you too will join the sisterhood of the gray dividing bar. Or brotherhood, if you prefer that.”)

Assuming that one of you slackers can come up with a suggestion that doesn’t suck I like, the winner gets a free t-shirt.


Well, I didn't see the grey bar until I clicked to comment. And then I saw it. What about no bar? (a clear bar!!)

It needs to be curry in a hurry red

Dude, several refreshes later (sounds like a soda commercial), it's still a double line BUT the sidebar is grey. Make it the color of a turd blossom. Turd blossom turdblossomturdblossom.....{choke}

What, then, is the color of a turd blossom?

The dark gray is too severe. What about the gray that you use for your date bar?

Reader "z" is spot-on. Seriously, dude, you so don't need a bar there. Embrace the whitespace.

The color of turd blossom would depend on what you ate that day, I suppose. You know what? Make it randomly changing, like your blogroll. If not randomly changing, then the Highway Cone, er, saffron color of The (now dissasembled) Gates.

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