Illiquid Lunch


How’d you like to have lunch with Paul Simon and Chevy Chase? Well, as of Sunday morning, it’ll only cost you $2,877.

Since I’m shameless enough to plagiarize myself, I’m opening an auction for lunch with myself again. Bidding starts at $0.25 for this one-in-a-lifetime opportunity! Much cheaper than lunch with Paul Simon, and since my name is also Paul, it’s almost the same thing (and if you want, you can even call me Al)!

Bidding ends Monday, May 9, at midnight.


Fifty cents and pair of fishnets.

How about a full buck and an invite to an early August ball game? :-)

I'll bid whatever I have in my piggie bank and it looks like... $2.98 plus 5000 yen, 17 pesos, and a twopence. Does lunch include airfare? :)

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