Bless You


What does it mean when two of the three of the fortune cookies that came with last night’s dinner say “Blessed is that man who has found his work”?

(Oh, and on the back is the Mandarin for “gift”: “Li-wu”. And the lucky numbers are 5, 17, 12, 44, 37, 25.)


What does it mean when it's almost Cinco de Mayo and ... oh, never mind. Just forget I said anything.

What does it mean when my last two fortune cookies -- one chocolate dipped from Ruby Foo's, the other from random Hunan takeout place -- both had the message, ":-) You never hesitate to tackle the most difficult problems. :-)"
But the lucky numbers for each were different, and one wanted to teach me Chinese (soybean = dadou) while the other kept me ignorant.

In college I got a fortune cookie that said "You would make a good lawyer," which I carried around for some time as proof against my parents' attempts to talk me into medical school.

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