Beer is Proof that God Loves Us


Gothamist interviews the Brooklyn Brewmaster, wherein he expounds on the pleasures of drinking good beer with food, a practice I heartily endorse.

I’m a very big fan of Brooklyn Pilsner; it’s an almost perfect summer beer. Unfortunately, it’s best enjoyed draft; the bottles I’ve had haven’t quite had the same tanginess.

As a side note, I think I have a friend who slept with the Brewmaster once…


Off-topic: You never did a May contest. (I was going to mention it weeks ago, but since I didn't have an idea for May, I didn't want to push it.) And now it's almost June.

Almost perfect? What would make it perfect? Or for that matter what's your ideal beer? (just curious)

mmmmm beer! i so want to be a brewmaster when i grow up.

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