Radio Free America


David Byrne has launched an internet radio station.

Now, if we can only get Peter Gabriel to do the same (though, to be honest, PG would probably get Daniel Lanois to do the actually setlist programming).

(note that I have no idea if this is good or not yet —I’m just assuming that it is, ‘cause it’s David Fucking Byrne—because the sound on my Cube died a horrible death a few days ago and I haven’t bothered to haul out the laptop to check it out yet)


Truth is a powerful weapon
What is a person to do when the government and courts violate the law to protect themselves over the people. I volunteer so I gain nothing by helping this Madbury NH family. When Madbury town selectmen can state in public and not deny under oath to using the courts and government power to seek personal revenge on other Madbury NH residents, something is wrong? To stop me from exposing these crimes against our Constitution the NH government and courts have taken my freedom before dropping the bogus charges, taken my VA medical to stop my free speech, had the State Police harass my family and my self at my home, harassed my wife in public at her work (Twice). I have over 50 thousand in fines and legal fees. Governor Lynch sells me time to speak to him, takes my money and refuses. I run for state elected office and the newspapers censor my platform from the public. NH has blocked my contact with NH veterans council rep. The Dover Fosters newspaper has the Lee police check me for suicide in Jan 07 to harass me. I file harassment charges with the Dover Police and nothing is done. The list of crimes and harassment is to long to mention. The truth is so well documented it can not be covered up. Newspapers censoring to protect the powerful is a crime in it self. I volunteer my time to help people. I get nothing out of this but the pride of knowing I did what many U.S. Military Veterans give their lives for (Stand up for the People of the United States). We the people would think that some newspaper would want to tell it’s readers. I am not self destructive. I continue because I came back alive. I owe every veteran that gave their lives to protect and defend our constitution the honor not to stop no matter what our Government or newspapers do to me. Our Country comes first. I ask you to tell the United States the crimes that the NH government and courts do to a 100% service connected disabled veteran who’s actions have violated no laws.
Peter Macdonald Sgt USMC Semper Fi
465 Packersfalls rd
Lee NH 03824
Is the truth to much to print? “Truth is a powerful weapon”

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