It's A Very Small World, Part The Whatever It Is


So I’m standing on the subway coming home, trying to warm up from the miniblizzard that plowed through the city today, and I look down, and the guy sitting in front of me is reading this book.


Poor guy - he had NO IDEA he was near such illustrious company.

That's great.

You think the world is small now? Just wait until the day you find yourself on the subway reading Dracula while a guy with the surname Dracula sits across from you reading Frankenstein. Oh, and you'll be wearing a t-shirt with Bella Lugosi on it and he'll be wearing one with Boris Karloff. Also, his friend on the next seat, named Frank, will be drinking from a stein. And then your secretary, whose name is Kennedy, will warn you not to go to the theater that night.

All I'm saying is that you should take her advice.

Did you introduce yourself to him?

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