How Not To Plagiarize On The Internet


The first step, of course, is not to ask a comedy writer to write your paper for you.


Ugh. This story has gotten quite ugly, and there are hundreds of comments on that site now.

Additionally, if you want to brave the long thread at MeFi, here's discussion about it:

My thoughts - what she did was truly wrong; in the normal course of things she would have been caught and penalized accordingly by her professor, by her university. But this guy's milking her situation - for comedy, for the sake of a blog post, for perpetual online humiliation (this is always going to be somewhere on the internet, should someone choose to Google her) - well, that's wrong too. He was naive to think this wouldn't go around the interweb like wildfire. He had a point to prove, but her being a stupid college kid looking for a shortcut didn't make it incumbent upon him to be cruel, to go to the lengths that he did.

Well, I suppose it's also possible this could be just a big stunt and I've fallen for it. I'd like to think so, but I'm not hopeful.

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