Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep


There is something oddly cinematic about hospitals very late at night and very early in the morning when everyone has gone home for the night; the giant automatic doors, the industrial lighting, the eerie absence of humans, the subaudible whir of ventilation systems combine to produce an effect that seems a cross between the cool sterility of Kubrick, Wim Wenders’ elegant quietude, and post-industrial dystopic techno music videos.

The maze-like institutional corridors, drained of humanity, create the subliminal expectation of something surreal, something fantastic around every corner; the expectation is, of course, perpetually frustrated, but it persists, creating a waking state that is oddly detached from the thrum and buzz of everyday life, as if the registration plates of existence were badly aligned.


Just around that next corner, all the surreal and fantastic kids are snickering at you.

Love your blog. Great writing. Very funny.


As ever,

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