March On, My Friends


Time for the March title contest: submit your favorite quote that mentions the month March in the comments. Winner gets, well, you should know by now. I should point out that the Paris Hilton Phonebook contest is still going, and that has a real live actual physical prize you can hold in your hands.


Hey honey, I got super great tickets to Nabucco at the Met next Saturday (March 4); little gift from my boss. Of course you came to mind... wanna go with me?

Stumbled upon your site via found I could SMELL the shrimp in the picture at the top of the page (yum) and was thrilled to see that someone besides me has seen the movie "Really Rosie." Someday I will find a copy on DVD and that will be a good day.

Looking forward to reading more of your blog in the future!

All I want is for you to just give me
A March moonlight
A tiki torch light.

Larry W. Jones

When March goes on forever,
And April's twice as long,
Who gives a damn if spring has come,
As long as winter's gone.
- R. L. Ruzicka

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