Hello Darkness My Old Friend


Instead of seriously writing about the following topics….

  • Happy Year of The Cock Rooster! Gothamist has the info on NYC-based events.

  • Christo Is Coming! NewYorkology has a roundup. (how meta is a roundup linking to another roundup?)

  • Warp 11: a Star Trek (TOS, at that) tribute band? With song titles like “Suds Me Up Sulu,” “Kirk Gets Laid Again,” and “Suck My Spock”, how can you go wrong? (via the sparky one)

  • Answers to the oft-posed questions: Is the Pope Catholic and do bears shit in the woods? Warning: answers are not what they may appear to be.

  • Nudist Priest, a nudist Judas Priest tribute band. Somewhat scary and probably not safe for work, unless a picture of a very hairy naked guy in a cowboy hat playing a guitar is safe for your workplace. (from BB)

  • So I’m reading this profile of fired blogger Dawn Eden, and in it she says “I think our society is losing something by not having people who have disabilities … in our culture. It contributes to making us less compassionate.” Um, perhaps it’s just me, I find that statement profoundly disturbing (not to mention sick) on very many different levels.

  • I was apparently Gawkered the other day, in relation to a bit I did a year ago about a talk I attended on Valentine’s Day (where, incidentally, I briefly met the abovementioned Dawn Eden). So I thought that I should lay down some ground rules. Basically, if you invite me to a ‘free lunch’ at a restaurant that has the word “steakhouse” in its name, then perhaps there should be some freakin’ steak involved in the lunch. Or, in other words, yes, I can be bought… with steak.




Okay, okay. There'll be steak next time, I swear. Oh, wait. I don't work for them anymore. Okay. How about ... Korean-themed appetizers?

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