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One of the most surprising interesting things to come out of Mike’s death is the community of grieving that has sprung up on the web. This has not just been limited to those who knew him in the flesh [those listed previously, plus Ricky, Kambri, Brian, Kirstin], but includes those who only knew him as a virtual presence [Mo, Shareen, Lori, Whybark, Jim, Denis, Spinsouth, Little Toy Robot]. Indeed, some of those who mark his passing on their blogs had never heard of Mike before a few days ago [Everyday Baby, ISB, Becky, Martin].

The comments section on his last post is still quite active as people post their remembrances of the man. In addition, Sansanee has set up Mike Wolf Remembered as a central repository of these stories. I suspect that we’re seeing the adaptation of the blog form to the mourning process. Someone with more sociology training than I could probably write a pretty good paper about this.

And finally, there will be a gathering in memory of Mike on Friday, February 25, at the Overlook Lounge (E. 44th and 2nd Ave., or so I’m told). Daniella has all the details.

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Thanks for tracking all these links, P. It's something I'd been meaning to do, because I want to link to them at the new site as well.

I'm seriously thinking about coming up next week. I'm already coming up the following week too, but I think I really need to be around you guys, since that's how Mike and I first met. And for all that the virtual exchange keeps us all connected, I need to see you all in person too.

Yeah good job on the links, Mr. Frankenstein. I noticed a clickthrough to my site from yours. How did you find Mike Wolf on my blog? Technorati?

May you continue to blog and may Mike Wolf rest in peace.

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