Craigslist Knows All

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Craigslist on the differences between the sexes:

I don’t mean dumb, but guys are so not complicated. GUYS SEE BOOBS AND GET EXCITED. That’s what I mean by simple. Women see a naked guy and think: 1: He’s cute. 2: Do I want him to be the father of my children? 3: Could I spend the rest of my life with him? 4: I wonder how much a wedding costs these days. 5: I need to get Modern Brides Magazine. 6: I forgot what I was doing before this. 7: Huh, well, I’m sure it wasn’t important.

As a technical side note, I got hit by a crapflood of spammy trackback pings last night, so trackbacks have been disabled until I can get MT 3.15 installed.

1 Comment

I could love the world's worst lesbian! The entire post is great (I know you're going for the funny, but this clip does get pretty decently qualified).

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