"And then you loosen your pants and drop a ferret down the front."


Amy Langfield reports on the maybe-semi-fictional* practice of "ferret bagging". According to legend**, this practice, which allegedly originated in northern England, involves tying off one's trousers at the ankles, dropping a live ferret down the front, and then tightening one's belt.

Yeah, you heard that right. One assumes that large quantities of alcohol are consumed prior to the pant-ferret interaction.

Why? I'm guessing there really must be nothing to do on Saturday night out there.

*Nothing on Google about this.

**Legend=Amy's husband.

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It's generally known as ferret _legging_.


But I still have no idea if it's real or not.

I've gotten an update via e-mail from London. It's posted here. One of the disturbing new "facts" is that it's illegal to wear undershorts.

Well, that would just be cheating.

I suppose when they get really festive they toss a haggis down the other leg, or something...

I saw that on some show just a few weeks ago.

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