A Monthly Reminder! Who Woulda Thunk It?

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So this women gets the brilliant idea that she can use her computer to remind her when her PMS is about to strike (and, oh yeah, write about it for Salon). As they say, hilarity ensues.

Of course, some women have figured out how to avoid all that drama altogether.

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This is probably more girliness than you need, but the process of skipping your placebo week (and thus your period) is not nearly as fun and easy as Lindsay makes it sound, in my experience. If you're not careful to take the pill at the exact same time every day, without a hitch, your period might well decide to show up anyway, and be all the more exaggerated and painful for it.

Plus, I prefer a monthly visit from Aunt Flo to a monthly round of "Okay, is it just that my period isn't showing up, or Am I Pregnant?". My periods keep me sane.

And finally, I am generally not inclined to take advice, especially gynecological advice, from someone projecting the attitude of, "Women are stupid -- well, not ME. But you know. Women."

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