WTF? Or, My Dad Was Right, New York Is A Third-World Country


The Times says that the A and the C will be hosed for the next five years:

A fire … has crippled two of the city’s busiest subway lines, which might not be restored to normal capacity for three to five years.

Seriously. WTF?



That must have been one heck of a fire at Chambers. No damage to the E line? seems pretty placid, only talking about delayed service until Wednesday.

I wouldn't panic. They're just going to use this as smoke to justify the next fare increase; it's what they do.

i can't believe the MTA is talking in terms of years. this is serious enough to affect job attractiveness and real estate prices!

The problem is that the whole switching and signalling system is built on all this ancient Rube Goldberg-worthy apparati. The stuff is practically art, but fixing or replacing anything is an automatic custom engineering and fabrication project. What they ought to do is take the opportunity to modernize the A/C line from end to end.

Now they say a "few" months...maybe somebody kicked the MTA's butt
old one

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