Wandering Dangerously Close to Cheese Sandwich Territory


I have more single, ünmatched dress socks than I have actual pairs of dress socks (dress=non-white).

How did this come to happen? Where do they go? Is there a dimension for unpair’d socks to go? Do they hang out in singles bars for socks?


Maybe their partners left them because they couldn't handle commitment, or their heads (toes?) were turned by a some trampy, frilly stockings. Maybe some of them realized they belonged with a same-side sock.

You are tossing these singles, I hope? Best to start afresh.

They were devoured.

You really should consider making a fungus sauce one of these days...

Paul, have I never given you the lesson on what to do with socks.

The first step is that all your socks should be of only two types: 1) white athletic socks you wear with sneakers and and 2) black socks that you wear with everything else.

The next step is that all socks of each type should be exactly the same. You need about 18 pairs of each kind, to cut down on the frequency of laundering them.

Now hears the controversial part. Every six months to a year, you throw out all of your socks and start over with a new set. You'll never waste time pairing socks again. They all match, and they're all equally worn.

Life is difficult enough without worrying about your socks.

Yeah...I'm with MT on the sock strategy...or just buy the SAME type all the time. That way you can match any one at any time. There is a Lonely Sock Club...

If you're feeling thrifty, you can keep in mind that this is one of the many reasons why man invented black dye.

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