Perhaps If This Lawyering Thing Doesn't Work Out


Would it kill the networks to hire play-by-play announcers who can accurately describe the action on the field?



You think you had it bad, we created a drinking game that involved two drinks for every stupid comment the announcers made. I'm lucky I still have a liver right now. (I was watching football, and I'm guessing you were, too. But really this could apply to any sport.)

I used to like to watch games on TV with the sound off, while listening to the radio broadcast. Radio broadcasters are virtually forced to do a far better job of describing the game than their TV counterparts.

Unfortunately, my fiance finds the TV/radio thing supremely irritating, so nowadays I'm SOL.

With all this digital tv business, it seems elementary that a subscriber should be able to watch a game with the commentary turned off (just the stadium sound)

(If they don't do something about it soon, one day Phil Simms will be gunned down in a parking lot.)

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