And then I got on the train in Stamford and it promptly caught on fire.

So, I was wondering: who reads Where are you from? What’s your name (or pseudonym, as the case may be) How did you get here?


I'll start, since I probably read this stuff more than anyone else: pf, age indeterminate, from New York, I read it because I write it.

Oh, and there weren't any actual flames or anything, but one girl on the train saw some smoke and there was a very strong and nasty smell of burning stuff. What probably happened was that one of the door motors in our car overloaded and burned out. We were all shuffled to the next car back, and in all the excitement my ticket was never checked. So now I have an extra ticket to go to Stamford.

Linus, as you know, of Pepper of the Earth. Been here about a year. Oddly enough, I also read it because you write it. Age is more indeterminate than yours, and I'm also from New York.

We share Panix as an ISP and I think you know Pierre, my co-blogger (and another Pantabridgian). I don't recall how I got here first - might have been pre or post a Blogger Bash.

Mike. Stamford, home of fire filled train cars (oh the DRAMA! But thanks again for coming out). I have no idea how I got here. Literally. Seems like it was before the 2002 Blogger Bash but I have no idea what lead me to here. Shoulda left breadcrumbs.

zeebah. of zeebahtronic. writing from brooklyn. we met at a blogger bash, i'm pretty sure.

but you knew all that.

i'm by blog committed suicide though it had potential.
i stumbled upon ur blog when someone you linked u wrote me a nice email about my blog. so i checked up his; he linked to u.. and i stop by everyday when i need to smile.

AJ of Maximum Aardvark. I can't even remember how I got here.

Lady Crumpet. Of Lady Crumpet's Armoire. Currently a citizen of the world (um, ok, Atlanta). I believe we met at Blogger Bash in early 2002.

Dimitri. I come here because you have a cool last name.

Daniella. Of Daniella's Misadventures. Met you at January 2004 Blogger Bash. Accidentally stuck you with paying for our drinks as we cut out early and forgot that our drinks had gone on your tab. Sent you an email to apologize and find out where to send the money. Went out and bought you drinks instead.

I'm from New Orleans, but live in Montclair.

Jesse, of the Central Park Track Club Journal (which obviously needs a better name). I work with your sister, and either she or somebody else at the office mentioned your blog. But I don't think anybody else there reads it.

mike in Seattle. Since, it seems, June 2002 or thereabouts, and due to KG of the Donk.

My god! 2002!

I read it cuz I'm a pseudo relative of the author, we (used to) watch football games together (until he enrolled in law school), and at least some of his stuff resides on my server, so I have to make sure he isn't doing anything that will get Homeland Security on my ass.

Alex, Queens, not sure how I got here the first time- but I always come back.

I read your blog because I met you at Dahlia's house.

Annelogue, Copenhagen in Denmark, I started reading your blog after you left a comment on my blog. I think your photographs are great, too!

Susan Mernit from NY and San Jose, blogger and troublemaker. Jarvis turned me on to your blog. I think.

Reid Davis of Orthodox Heresy. Here via link from Jessica Harbour. Interesting stuff, and great fuel for my NYC obsession.

Charles, from Houston (not originally, but then most of us here aren't). Found you many moons ago through my referral logs.

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