Ballooning in Washington, or, What Not To Do Today


Our friends at have put up a special report about Inaugural Balloons, since, as they put it, “After all, you wouldn’t want the President’s speech drowned out by the sounds of interceptor jets, would you?”

Whatever you do, don’t lose your balloons at 15 minute intervals, because if all of them were lost this way, at least one would most certainly be overhead during the Inauguration which would be a real disaster.

And in other news, Tony Pierce’s busblog has turned black today for some reason…


Your link to Tony is all messed up, Paul. You must have forgotten the http:// or something (didn't take the time to check out your source... sorry.)

Anyway, thought I'd let you know!

im in denial about this inauguration
keep thinking if i pretend it isnt happening
maybe ill open my eyes
and bush will not be our president

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