So I’m walking down Park Avenue this morning and I see not one, but two young women sauntering about wearing jeans that have zippers for the back pockets. So I’m wondering… these are useful because they snag on cloth-covered chairs and scratch wooden ones? I just don’t get it.


I'm sure it was the zippers that caught your eye, you sly dog, you.

Actually, one of them stopped me and asked for directions to the subway.


Uh huh. And she was facing backward when she did it, Your Honor. That's when I saw the zippers.

Fashion? Useful? Two completely different concepts.

Tell me about the usefulness of that micro-pocket inside the right front pocket of your average pair of Levi's.

dude. that's where you put your pennies.


It's for your pocket watch, of course.

Ear plugs. I use it all the time, actually.

I'm with Linus. Earplugs. Exactly. Usually they stay in said pocket, though, and I go home deaf. Maybe it's the damn pocket's fault!

recycling. Flares are back, right? What came after flares? Bondage pants. What manner of pocket closure did they use? Zippers.

case closed.

Well, shut my mouth!

I might as well admit that I used to keep lost screws from my eyeglasses in the micro-pocket until I got home.

the crazy thing is, paul's korrect about the watch. When I have carried one (and i have) the micro pocket is perfect for it. But I have also heerd it's for your zippo. Which also fits to a t.

All these men discussing fashion. The apocalypse has truly arrived.

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