The Six Deadly Sins

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The Seven Deadly Sins, as illustrated by Hongkong Land:

Click on the small versions to see a very large version of each image.

These posters are used to advertise the on-going renovation of part of the Landmark, a large, popular shopping mall/office complex in downtown Hong Kong. Presumably the renovations will be so luxurious that it’ll inspire each of the sins. The illustrations are clever and subtle: “Gluttony” is transparently metaphorical, while the gender reversal for “Vanity” is both amusing and apt, given the number of dandies that populate Hong Kong’s social scene. I do admit that “Sloth” is a bit too subtle: in other words, I don’t get it. Perhaps our hero is left only with the shadow of a kiss on his cheek because he’s too lazy to pursue the heroine?

The last deadly sin, the one that they left out, is greed. Why’d they leave it out? Well, they probably figured that it was, for Hong Kong, redundant…

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a more motivated gent would get work and ease laziness by pursuing cleanliness.

interesting blog..i will keep checking

Maybe he was kissed by an actual three-toed sloth wearing lipstick?

Ya, I think the sloth reference was to his being too lazy to wipe the lipstick off his face. Though I think a better idea would have been a girl in a fabulous dress walking in public with the zipper open all the way down her back. But hey, nobody asked me.

I love those ads, they are so beautiful. I really wanted to get my hair cut like the main model in the Envy ad. I should get out more.

I think he's too lazy to kiss back. Too bad, too -- "it's even better when you help."

hi, i was just doing a art school project and thought i would do te six deadly sins!! i was wondering if anyone could help me find more researh and images on this topic. please help, i have to have it done for when i return back to school.:)

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