At The Tone, The Time And Temperature Is


94 degrees Farenheit and 68% humidity.

Oh, and there are over 300,000 protestors marching out there in the heat today. Today’s a public holiday, and I’d join them, save for the fact that I’m at the office working right now…


I hope you are making scads of money for the pace you're being put through.

Weatherwise, Hong Kong sounds just like Atlanta. Ugh!

Hey that's great! Everybody talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it. Go protesters! Stop the humidity!

I don't know, Paul; there seems to be scuffling at the protest.

Scuffling? I think not. Quite quite peaceful. I can't imagine this many people getting together in NY or LA without major scuffling starting, but not here at all. (And the organisers final total is 530,000.)

But nice of you to join us in air-conditioned spirit Paul. I've posted up a few photos from my lowly Canon G1 of the event.

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