Prince Of Wales

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This is a picture of the base of the former Prince of Wales building. Back when Hong Kong was still a British colony (i.e. prior to 1997), the Prince of Wales building was HQ for the token British military presence in Hong Kong. Today, it’s the HQ for the token People’s Liberation Army presence in Hong Kong.


It used to have “The Prince of Wales Building” in big raised metal lettering on the side of the building. Last time I was in Hong Kong, the lettering had been removed (naturally), and the building had been given a fresh coat of paint. Unfortunately, the paint used was not sufficient, and the words “The Prince of Wales Building” were still clearly visible. As you can see, they came up with another solution for that problem.

(Not that I actually know what it says—going by the first three characters, which is pretty much all I can recognize, it probably says “The Chinese People’s Liberation Army Forces Headquarters”)

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It says "The Building of the Hong Kong Detachment of the Chinese People's Liberation Army"in traditional, not simplified, characters....

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