I just got two curious pieces of comment spam: you can read them here and here. This appears to be an attempt to googlebomb the symbol (c) and linking it to disney.com; Disney, of course, has been one of the heavies in the whole copyright fight (see Lessig for many more gory details). I'm guessing that this is some kind of political statement, though it is a rather subtle one to make...

I wonder if it has anything to do with me posting about Ninme Mouse.

Update: If it is an attempt to make a political statement, it ain't gonna work: putting "(c)" into Google returns the speed of light. Looks like everyone's favorite search engine doesn't search on the brackets...

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I got one of those, too, to a post I made for Lost in Transit ("The remedy is worse than the cure"). Gah -- I keep getting comment spams for that one, too; I just deleted another one the other day. Back to the MT Login page...

i got them on some random posts - a recipe and one of my africa photos, so me thinks nothing to do with content.

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