So, anyone out there want a Gmail invite? So far, I gotta say that I like what I’ve seen of it so far. Leave a note in the comments telling me why you want one.


Please send me a gmail invitation cuz I need to impress my friends.
Please :-)
I'm Kunal,
I'm existing email address:

oops I'm not an email address :-p
its my existing email address. :-p damn me

I would love a Gmail account because you know how much I love new gadgets, hardware/software or otherwise. :-) I've heard it's pretty cool, and I've been wanting to check it out myself.

Don't know how much this will promote my cause, but I am two-thirds of the way towards the CD mix I owe you from nearly a year ago. I still fully intend to mail it to you whilst you're in Honkers!

I realize you've probably got more compelling offers. But if I were still there, I would so take you out to dinner, and not just some schlumpy diner, either.

1) 'Cause I already have my July entry in hand.
2) 'Cause it only took me four months to make you a mix CD. :)
3) 'Cause I'll go and email my HK friend right now and set something up.

i have g-mail already. seems fine, but what i really want is for it to notify me via a messenger program when i receive new mail - is it linked to any of the online messenger programs?

If you don't get Paul's invite, I'm running a little Gmail essay contest for my extras.

What the hell is GMail?

Gmail sure would be nice. Then I could stop sucking up to all these damn bloggers.

Love your site! XOXO.

i need an invitation because i'm german and i can write some english :D

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