Some Things Are Universal; Others Just Get Two Thousand Words in The Paper


Yes, Virginia, it is true that department store dressing room lighting is designed to make you look as unhealthy, pale, anemic, and flabby as possible. In fact, many people have, while getting changed, oddly wondered about the possible existance of albino right whales. One supposes that the theory is that by covering up those acres of pallid whale-flesh, the clothes look, in comparison, to be positively the height of fashion, no matter how they actually look or fit.

The Legendary Mangosteen: better than I remember it? Yup. Worthy of a 2,000-word ode to joy in the Paper of Record? Eh, I don’t think so.

And I am a horrible, horrible, horrible mahjong player. Thought I suppose I could work on learning the rules.


But... but ... mangosteen!

By the way, I remembered what Mom needs to bring back: big-toe socks that have the separation.

Just for the big-toe, mind you.

I grew up eating mangosteens--mangosteens rule!

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