So Long, Frank Lloyd Wright


Less than 14 hours before I head off to Asia for three months. Let’s go down the checklist:

Packed? No.
Started packing? Nope.
Planning on starting to pack soon? Er, that’d be negatory.
Will I forget something? Probably.
Do I have a big interview this morning that I’m not prepared for? Yes.
Am I blogging and answering email? Yes.
Am I being a bit stupid? Signs point to yes.

An update this afternoon, if I have time.


Eh, don't sweat it. (This, from a gal who packs at the last minute and sweats it anyway.) It's not like you can't find stuff you need over there, if you've forgotten something. That said, make sure you are well equipped for the travel - documents, toothbrush/toothpaste, a change of clothes (at least underwear), music, stuff to read, your computer (if you have a laptop) or digicam. Travel pillow, slippers (sure the planes give you that stuff, but your own things are always better). When I flew JAL or Thai Airways they'd always give you those hot, steamed towels to freshen up. Nice.

Have a great, great trip! You'll be blogging from there, we trust?

The Magic Eight Ball is god.

*stands by dock watching ship pull out, waving hanky*

Bye! Bye!

You never did tell me if you were coming though here.

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