Postcards From The Edge


If you want a postcard from Hong Kong, drop me a line with your real (i.e. snail-mail, a.k.a. postal) address.


I'm not sure that they'd let me mail food over.

Bah. Not even sealed pork floss?

Sweetheart so sorry I missed you last night - have a fab time in Honkers and see you when you get back.

I would LOVE a postcard from Hong Kong! And in return I would send you one from North Pole (Santa optional.) However, when I clicked on your email link, it was insufficient. Will look for another. Found you via Catherine's "Berlin Blog."

I would love a postcard from Hong Kong as I have recently started collecting them!!If anybody else would like to send me a postcard I would gladly return the favor.I live in the United Kingdom by the way.Thank you.

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