Not That I've Actually Read Any of These (well, the le Carre, a long time ago)


From the Northerner:

Pick up the nearest book.
Open it to page 23.
Find the fifth sentence.
Post the text of the sentence in your journal along with these instructions.

Originally, I grabbed Lessig’s The Future of Ideas, since it was sitting on the dining room table:

“Yet so blind are we to the possible value of a commons that we don’t even notice the commons that the Internet is.”

But then I realized that my bookcase was probably just as close, if not closer, than the table.

So I pulled the first book off of each shelf:

“What other German literature on the Jews during the Victorian era could one profitably compare with Nietzsche’s remarks?” — The Gay Science, Friedrich Nietzsche (Walter Kaufmann, trans.)

“His facetious manner had fallen from him like a cloak.” — Our Game, John le CarrĂ©

“Precisely so; that is just what we intend.” — Marx & Engels: Basic Writings on Politics and Philosophy Lewis S. Feuer, editor. The specific passage is from “The Manifesto of the Communist Party”.

“As formulated by Peter Gourevitch, the Second Image Reversed proceeds from the premise that ‘instead of being a cause of international politics, domestic structure may be a consequence of it. International systems, too, become causes instead of consequences.’” — China and the World, edited by Samuel S. Kim


sheesh... i snagged "turn to the 18th page and jot down the 4th line" from someone... pretty soon it'll be "write down the entire book that is nearest to you"

sounds like you have a bunch of text books on your shelves to me.

"The perfect geometry was also mottled, here and there, by webs of cable and harnesses of electrical wiring." Fun!

"He ordained, that if a beast be followed with large dogs and hounds, he shall belong to the hunter, not to the chance occupant; and in like manner, if he be killed or wounded with a lance or sword; but if chased with beagles only, then he passed to the captor, not to the first pursuer."

Property, Dukeminier & Krier

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