Don't Go Here


After last night, I cannot recommend going to the upstairs bar at the Evelyn Lounge on the Upper West Side because it’s impossible to hold a conversation in there. Why? Because the waitresses are so freakin’ hot that coherent thought is pretty much well nigh impossible, that’s why.

So if you’re interested in conversations that have things like, say, complete sentences, then you probably shouldn’t go. If, on the other hand, you’re ok with saying (and hearing) things like “So, work today was… uh… um…” or “And then I wa… uggghhh”, then I guess that it’d be OK.


Well, maybe, but that's where I went on my first date with Stacey, and that's worked out well, so I've got other reasons to like it.

And apparently my attention span didn't wander too badly.

Maybe I got lucky (or unlucky, as the case may be...)

too funny that you're mentioning it today since I just made plans to meet up with people there (first time i'll be there since my birthday). but we're going downstairs, and i had a good time last time, so i'm not too worried.

Interesting. I have a friend who lives two blocks from there. We went in and found the perfect seat. There's one area in the back that has a more "horizontally blessed" waitress. We got plenty of talking done.

Downstairs? That's another story ...

How is that any different from how you are normally?

You have a point.

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