We have a winner (actually, this is several days old, but I just hadn’t gotten around to posting this) in the comment contest:


And in other, entirely unrelated news, I seem to be developing an obsession strange fascination with English fembot pop tart Sophie Ellis-Bextor. I was going to write something deep about the differences between English and American pop cultures, but you know what?

  1. You guys probably know a thousands times more about that subject than I do, and
  2. It’d really just be an excuse to justify a) the fact that I wasted half-an-hour of my life watching an television interview with her and b) linking to more pictures of Miss Ellis-Bextor.

And since y’all are sophisticated enough to see through something like that, I figured, why bother?


are her eyes green?

Crap, one off.

Ha. I beat sac by one.

Bots: 1.
Sac: 0.

Yeah, but my comment is comedy genius. So again, as always:

well, you know the score.

Miss Ellis-Bextor's dancefloor anthem, "Murder on the Dance Floor" is exuberantly and irritatingly catchy. Have a listen!

1) So close and yet so far.

2) Who's Sophie Ellis-Bexter?

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