Another Near Miss


My ongoing campaign to get into the New York Times continues apace: the business card cube mentioned in this article was actually made using my business cards.

Unfortunately, the reporter failed to mention that little fact. I guess I still have time to work on that international fugitive thing.

Also, special thanks to Ned Batchelder for actually making the cube and slipping it into the reporter’s handbag.

(for new readers and those confused by the international fugitive joke, some background can be found here, here, here, here, and here)


Paul, if I had known that you were so close to your long-held dream, I would have stood aside and insisted that the reporter speak to you instead!

Dan Bricklin has another photo of the event:

In another oh-so-close twist, Paul: those are your shoulders poking out from behind I-don't-know-who standing between me and the reporter!

Does this mean that you will be forced to move ahead with your plan of either shooting or sleeping with somebody very famous?

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