When The Moon Hits Your Eye

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How can you not love a a blog about pizza?

In college, I theorized that pizza was the perfect food because it contains all four food groups.

In other food-blog-related news, Julie Powell is hanging up her blogging apron. Good on her. Now if only I could get a publisher interesting in this blog. Perhaps I should say "fuck" more often.

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Via Paul Frankenstein: news of a pizza blog, which gets my hearty and unilateral endorsement. Incidentally, the best pizza I've Read More


Good, but I've never seen a chick pea on a pizza, so I guess you lose on the "New Four Food Groups".

Not that I'm either complaining OR disagreeing. Just pointing out.

Well, there is the Tofu Pizza. Add a generous helping of pineapple and you'll hit all four of the new groups.

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